Natural Acne Scar Treatments

Natural Acne Scar Treatments

If you suffer from mild or moderate acne scar, you might consider trying one, or several types of home or natural remedies to remove them, before seeking out the more expensive methods practiced by dermatologists. Healing and diminishing acne scars takes time. It is a long and gradual process that will take persistence on your part. However by regularly applying the treatments, you will cause your scars to heal from the inside out, making way for healthier skin and skin tone.  And you will have done it without the danger of those nasty side effects that sometimes come with the commercial creams and ointments sold in stores.

Some of the mildest and most commonly used natural ingredients are cucumber,  aloe vera, and rosehip oil or rosa mosqueta. Aloe vera plants have long had the reputation of healing all scars and wounds. The aloe juice is said to be especially good for healing acne scars and the pigmented dark or red spots that follow on the skin in the wake of acne outbreaks.  Applying aloe juice on a regular basis will make the dark spots virtually disappear over time.

Think 3 to 6 months before seeing results.

Cucumber is known for keeping the skin smooth and supple. It can be found in many over the counter beauty and cosmetic products.  Indian gooseberry lotions and creams can be found in natural food stores and have probably the best reputation of the these products for reducing or curing acne scars.  Indian gooseberry gels are said to even prevent the recurrence of acne scars, if applied on a regular and consistent basis.

These products work best with mild or moderate acne scars. If your acne scars are deeper and more serious, then there are some other things that you can do before going to the dermatologist. Ice helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Apply it directly over the scar. A combination of honey and cream will reduce the level and size of raised scars, lessening their appearance.

Vinegar is a naturally occurring acid that will slough off the top layer of skin on the face. All you have to do is to mix 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar and apply with a cotton ball to the infected area.  Be careful with this mixture, some people with sensitive skin should not use this product. It may be too harsh. Folks with allergies may also want to avoid this solution.

Tea tree oil is another international anti microbial cure for acne scars. It comes from Australia and is widely used for keeping scars from forming and re-infecting the healing area.  It is advisable to consult a doctor if your acne scars are of the serious variety.  A little expert advice never hurts.

Mark Robbins had suffered for years from acne scars and has decided to share his secrets to success with others. He contributes to blogs and article sites across the internet with stories of what products worked best for him, as well as the stories of others who have been helped greatly in their fight with acne scars.

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