Acne Treatments – Free Tips Inside

Acne Treatments – Free Tips Inside

The battle between pharmaceutical companies for the most effective acne treatments continues. There are a lot of over-the-counter products and prescriptions drugs that claim to be an effective acne cure. However, the truth is there is no one solution to skin acne. Effective treatment involves proper diet, good hygiene and medications.

Teenagers are the most affected by this because of their hormones during puberty, a stage when sebum and keratin formation is at its highest level. Sweat glands produce excessively; thus pimples are commonly seen on their young faces. If these teens can develop a skin regimen like washing the face as often as they can, avoiding fatty foods and smoking habits, they can themselves initiate an effective treatment.

Parents must be able to explain to their children the condition and let them know that poking their faces or abruptly taking out the zits will only cause further damage to the skin and will not help hasten the recovery.

The fastest solution is not always the best answer to this. If not treated carefully, pimples will develop cyst-like structures that may get infected when forcibly opened and will cause scars that can be a permanent damage on the face.

You can employ as many tips from books and articles in the internet as long as they do not involve any forms of unprescripted drugs or concoctions that are not advised by the dermatologists. Teenagers should be well directed as to how they should treat the condition. As parents, proper guidance should be given to children.

First simple tip that must be taught to children is good hygiene. Cleaning the face regularly and applying moisturizers is the main and easiest skin maintenance tip especially for those people who do not have the time to regularly visit the derma clinics and of course to those who cannot afford expensive treatments. When washing the face, you should not use any abrasive material against the face so as not to cause further trauma to the face or accidentally pop out a pimple.

For women, using foundations can also help protect the pores against air-borne contaminants. Sun block lotions and creams should also be applied not only to the face as an extra skin protection. You can use exfoliating products to free your face of dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.

A proper diet can also help eliminate the skin problem by freeing the body of toxins that aggravates it. Drinking a lot of water can also help with the cleansing.

The choice between natural and clinically tested means of treatments is your decision to make. You know your skin history and consultations will help you make a better choice. Also remember that whatever skin manifestations you have may also be an indication of an internal problem so going to the doctor is still the best option.

A well-planned skin regimen is necessary to completely heal skin acne and the other effects of this disease. Do not let this cause more emotional distress than it should aside from the obvious physical effects. Make use of the acne treatments available.

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