Acne Prevention Tips – How Cosmetics Cause Acne Breakouts and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

Acne Prevention Tips – How Cosmetics Cause Acne Breakouts and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

You are always mortified because of your face that looks like a dotted hide of a cheetah, with freckles and pimples spread all over ?You never had a chance to run your fingertips over your smooth glossy skin without feeling the bumps of pimples sitting there, making it look darker than a brown rotten peach? In such a case, you cannot be too easy going on your pimples, and you simply cannot ignore them, thinking that they will go away in their due time.

Have you ever wondered why your skin ever had those pimples in the first place? Is it just dirt and germs growing on your lovely skin, or is it something else? Recent research has been able to identify the use of make-up as one of the causes of acne. So even if you never had acne, do not rest easy. If you use make-up before leaving the house, you actually enhance the chance of the development of acne.

This is the sole reason why make-up is also called “Acne Catch 22”, since it is responsible for the growth of pimples which leave behind those indelible marks on an otherwise flawless skin.

• Cosmetics contain a certain “cosmedogenic” element that is responsible for the growth of acne; however, the effects of the use of cosmetics are never that immediate. The entire process is rather subtle, taking about more than six months to show. This is why you never know that this problem is creeping up on you, until finally it reveals itself, and by then it will be too late for caution.

• Moreover, if you thought that you could do away with the blemishes and hideous spots on your face by applying more make-up on them and concealing them, it is time for you to reconsider that particular decision again. If you keep on applying more cosmetics to hide the acne marks, you will push yourself deeper into the trouble well.

The acne will not stay concealed, but it will spread. The cosmetics will only aggravate the situation even more.

• Though the cosmetic industries keep on assuring innocent customers like you that their products are completely oil free, you should realize that it is often not true. These products use only chemicals that are easily available from synthetic resources and not the natural ones. This is actually not good for you skin, and can definitely cause acne.

• The products might be branded as “hypo-allergenic”, but though they may be perfume-free, there is always a high probability that the items musts be containing some harmful elements that are not good for your skin at all. Even when these products have those words “dermatologist tested”, you might never know for sure whether it is all real or a mere publicity stunt and advertisements. These make-up kits might have checked for skin irritation, but the results could have been tampered with or overlooked.

• Your skin is very precious, and it is advisable that when you are using product for the first time, it is necessary that you keep a lookout for any trouble. The moment you discover those pink lumps on your cheeks, forehead or chin, it is time to let it off the hook and throw the cosmetic away.

• When you wear make-up in the day, some of it is rubbed deeper into the follicles of your skin, and plugs in the facial pores. This causes follicular irritation, which inevitable leads to acne.

You should take care of your skin, and in return it will definitely take care of your looks. You would not want to give your boyfriend the scare of his life yet, would you? After all, Halloween is still far away!

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