Back Acne Treatment – How to Prevent Back Acne From Occurring

Back Acne Treatment – How to Prevent Back Acne From Occurring

An effective back acne treatment is very necessary for those who develop acne not only on their faces, but also on their backs and shoulders and upper breasts. In fact body acne and acne on the shoulders are very common, especially during the adolescent period, though in some cases, adults get it too. In this article I shall concentrate on various kinds of treatments for bacne.

There is a very powerful and effective mixture that can treat the toughest of body acne and acne on the shoulders. You have to mix together mint leaves paste, neem leaves paste, ground cloves, sandalwood paste, turmeric paste, a table spoon of fuller’s earth, a pinch of camphor, besan, plain yoghurt and pure rosewater and apply this paste on the affected area.

Let the paste dry off completely. Then scrub off with ice cold coconut water in rotating movements and pat dry.

You can then apply a pure tea tree gel on the afflicted portions. Before applying this pack, you must cleanse your skin thoroughly with a medicated anti bacterial soap or neem soap. Continue applying this pack on every alternate day for around 3 weeks to a month and your acne will vanish. If the back acne appears once more, again start applying this pack until the acne clears up.

Another very effective way of clearing up the acne outbreak on your back is to visit a reputed salon or spa salon and have an anti acne back treatment done by a professional every month. It is infinitely relaxing and will cure your back acne and prevent their recurrence.

More on back acne treatment

When the acne on the back becomes too stubborn, you may need the help of oral prescription antibiotics like minocycline or tetracycline.

This is a more aggressive treatment to cure back acne since it is more resistant than facial acne. You can use strong retinoids; Retin A creams or gels. You can also try washes like benzoyl with a 10% concentration. If nothing else works, then the last back acne treatment can be Accutane and you can use higher doses of it.

All of the above methods are definitely effective back acne treatment options. However, the problem is they are only “treatments”. The single best treatment for back acne, or any other kind of acne for that matter, is to stop it before it starts.

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