Acne | How to Prevent and Treat Acne

Acne | How to Prevent and Treat Acne

Scars are the worst remnants of acne as they can permanently stay on the skin. They are the after shock of acne that might stay for a lifetime, even make-ups cannot work enough to cover the crater-like mark on the skin. A skin problem can only be avoided by learning what causes them and in this case, it is acne that causes the acne scars. All the triggering factors of acne should be considered to prevent the end result, which is a scar. To prevent acne scars, you will need a face cream and antibiotic cream.

Topical acne prevention:

Wash your face gently no matter how hard you hate the acne on your skin. Use a nice, moisturizing cleanser that never dries your skin excessively. Never wash your face more than 3 times a day because if you overwash, your skin will be more irritable to rashes. Most of the time, the main topical medication people are advised to use by the doctors and advertisements is Benzoyl peroxide.

I am against this. Benzoyl peroxide is great at treating acne because it dries up the pore-clogging oil on your face and kills the acne causing bacteria, but if you use benzoyl peroxide regularly, your skin will also become more irritable. It is good at treating acne but not so good if you are to use it for the long term.

Garlic: Squash a clove of garlic and mix with a cup of hot water. Then soak a clean piece of cloth in the solution and press over the affected area softly. You can directly rub the garlic clove on your skin but it can produce burning sensation. Apply it before going to bed so you can get rid of the smell after washing off your face in the morning.

Tea tree oil: Apply this wonder to your skin and see your blemishes disappear quickly. You will be blessed with a refreshed skin. Best is to dilute it with water and revive your damaged skin.

Lemon: Lemon is a renowned skin refresher. Slice the lemon in halves and rub over the affected area. You can also squeeze out the juice and apply to invigorate your skin.

Cucumber: Perhaps the most gentle on your skin is cucumber paste. Blend the cucumber in a paste and apply on your skin. Wash it off after 30 to 45 minutes. You will be happy with not only a glowing but a young feel too.

Aloe Vera: If you are suffering from severe lesions apply Aloe Vera paste on your skin twice a day and see the difference.

Fresh mint juice: Fresh mint juice is a good homemade treat for your skin. Apply and let it stay overnight. Wash with fresh water in the morning.

Tomatoes: Tomato pulps work magic on acne and pimples. Mash a tomato and apply on your face and leave it for 1 hour. Wash your face off with water.

Vinegar: Cleanse your face and soak cotton balls in vinegar. Dab the cottons in the affected area.

Ice: Your old good ice can prevent skin inflammation and is best during the onset of acne.

Another thing you can do is watch the products you put on your face. Just because an item boasts about benefits or is expensive doesn’t mean it is good for your skin. Using products that contain no oil are much better for your skin. Also, many products may dry out the skin leaving it flaky. Search the ingredients and make sure you are using a product that is right for your skin. Mineral based make-ups and products are the best way to go.

The negative side of prescribed acne medications is that it can make the skin more sensitive to sun exposure, so when using these medications you have to wear sunscreen. Acne can not be cured but it can be greatly reduced for those who already have it and it can be prevented for those who have not experienced acne. Remember the key to stopping it is getting to it before it starts.

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