Acne Cure Tips

Acne Cure Tips
Acne, more commonly known as pimples, is a universal problem faced mainly by teenagers and adolescents. However it is not restricted to them alone. It is a term used to define whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and cysts all put together. The basic cause of this problem is the imbalance of hormones called testosterone that can be found in both males and females.

Acne usually occurs when the oil glands of the skin start producing excess oil. Even though acne does not pose any health threats it can leave scars on your face. Acne is a skin condition that affects people of all ages and is not an adolescent disease.

The fact is that when you have acne, it is not because there is a excess of this hormone in your body it is actually due to the fact that your skin responds unusually to the hormone. This hormone is produced in the body around the time of puberty in both boys and girls. It makes the sebaceous glands in the skin produce an oily substance known as sebum. If the sebum blocks the hair roots causing blackheads and when it blocks the tubes it breaks out into acne.

Some of the first things that you are required to do when you have acne is to stop making use of oil based make-up, hair products etc. Because too much oil is one of the major causes of this problem by clogging the pores on your face. Stop using harsh soaps and facial scrubs as they can aggravate your skin and bring on more acne breakouts. Ensure that you do not pinch the pimples, whiteheads or blackheads or nuke the blemishes as it could leave your face dry and scaly. Wash off all the make-up before you going to bed.

Washing your hair regularly and using a mild soap can help to reduce acne. Make sure that you do not use creams or lotions without consulting a doctor. Drink plenty of water which can help you to flush out toxins. Steam your face to flush out the acne. Stress and strain are also said to aggravate acne so get a good night’s sleep every night. Try and avoid fatty and processed foods if you are prone to this problem.

There are plenty of other means of getting rid of acne, but choose a method that will suit your skin type and remember that people react differently to different creams and lotions. What suits someone else may not necessarily suit you. So always get in touch with a dermatologist for your acne problems.

Even though acne does not cause health problems, it is important that you get the right treatment for acne. Many women have complained of acne flaring up after giving birth. No one knows the cause of acne and most people rely on hearsay when dealing with acne. Also, there is no sure shot treatment for acne. If your doctor has suggested a treatment, you will have to wait for at least 3 weeks to see any improvements. Most doctors will suggest natural treatment for acne as it effective, simple and affordable.

To get rid of acne you can crush orange peel and mix it with normal water and apply the mixture on the affected area. You can also apply lemon juice to reduce pimples. Some people rub raw garlic on the affected area to reduce acne. You can grate cucumber and apply it on the affected area. Some people apply Fenugreek paste on the affected area before going to bed. In the morning they use warm water to wash their face.

The food that you have can also cause acne. Eating at odd hours, high sugar consumption and eating fried food can cause acne. If you suffer from the problem of irregular bowels, toxins and junk is not eliminated from body which can result in acne and other skin diseases.

Almost all people suffer from acne at some point in their life and most of them forget how it can affect them. However, it can be treated provided you don’t panic and avoid using harsh medicines and cream.

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