Washing Away Acne

Washing Away Acne

Acne is incredibly easy to get, red spots and lumps haunting your skin for weeks and months on end… But, as many would say it is very difficult to get rid of your acne- well, no, not really! As I mentioned in a previous article about nutrition and acne; hygiene is also a major contributing factor to the condition of your acne.

1) Finding a wash that works for you: it isn’t as simple as you may think, you will need to shop around for a suitable face wash that is designed to help get rid of spots and acne causing bacteria. Some key factors to look out for are micro-beads, exfoliating formula, natural ingredients, brands that have a good reputation, no perfume, good description on the product, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, dermabrasion, quick action and deep cleansing properties. If you have dry skin, do not get a wash that is going to dry out your skin, and if you have oily skin do not buy a moisturizing wash.

The market is jam packed with numerous products, and every one has a product that suites them perfectly- it is just a mater of finding it.

2) Forming a regime: you need to sit down and think it all through; if you have bought a wash and treatment cream, then you need to create a regime that suites your life style. For example, you need to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. And then possibly only apply the treatment cream once at night. What ever the products direction say, should also be followed closely, do not over use or under use the products. The perfect regime, ideally would be the example on I just gave you.

3) Face wipes: these are extremely important in keeping your skin nice, clean and fresh, because with most wipes you can use them several times through the day (obviously, not the exact same wipe) and that way keep your skin clean all day. Find face wipes designed to combat oil/dryness, acne causing bacteria, acne in general and redness. Again, just find the product that is right for you.

4) Follow your regime: you must stick to the morning and night washing, and applying of cream to the dot. If you go to bed one night, not washing your face or applying the cream- then your skin will be drowning in bacteria you have picked up and your acne could easily worsen over night. Also, be sure not to touch your face, as this will pass dirt, bacteria and oil from your hands to the face and smudging it into your pores blocking them- a perfect recipe for acne and a red lump in the morning.

Good luck.

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