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7 Natural Steps To Adult Acne Prevention

7 Natural Steps To Adult Acne Prevention
And if you treat your acne incorrectly, it can cause permanent scarring that will be with you for the rest of your life. There are many products and medications out there that promise to heal acne, but many are looking for more natural remedies. Here are 7 great home remedies for healing acne that are completely natural.

1. Washing your skin with a washcloth every night helps in reducing acne. Use an acne face cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, salicylic acid or Retin A to help in removing the top skin layer.

2. The aloe vera plant has medicinal properties with many healing applications, including its function as a natural remedy for acne. Aloe vera gel works as a natural antibiotic, killing the bacteria that cause acne sores. At the same time, the gel has a soothing effect, easing the pain caused by acne. To use aloe vera, simply cut open an aloe leaf from the plant and use the gel rather than the yellow latex. Apply the gel to the skin wherever acne appears.

3. Once a week or so you will want to use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells on your face. An excess of dead skin cells can clog pores, trap bacteria and lead to break outs. Most exfoliators will contain salicylic acid. A dermatologist can prescribe more powerful medication, but salicylic acid should be just fine in most cases.

4. A dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, tetracycline and monocycline to counter these symptoms. The dermatologist must decide whether the benefits outweigh possible complications like stomach upsets, vertigo and reduced efficacy of birth control pills in women.

5. A small amount of sun each day (about 15 minutes) can help dry out the bacteria in your acne. You are not trying to get a tan, so wear sunscreen that is especially for skin with acne.

6. Oatmeal treatments work well for healing acne, as the oatmeal helps absorb some of the oil on the face. It can also work to exfoliate the skin, removing dead layers of skin and revealing healthy skin underneath. To use oatmeal, simply cook up one serving of oatmeal and mix in a quarter cup of honey. Once the mixture is cool, apply it to the face, avoiding the eyes. The honey in this recipe helps by acting as skin toner.

7. Like hygiene, there is no direct evidence that diet causes acne. However, the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables will give your immune system a boost, strengthening your protection against acne-causing bacteria. You should also substitute soda and coffee with water whenever possible.

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Weight Loss Tips – 4 Steps of Nutrition

Weight Loss Tips – 4 Steps of Nutrition

Many people have read or heard misleading advice on nutrition. This article will clear up any misconceptions you have about the importance of nutrition.

Nutrition is actually a 4 step system not just what you eat. These steps are eating, digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination.

The first step is usually the only step people think are involved with nutrition. As you are probably aware this involves eating a healthy diet that will provide the daily vitamins and minerals your body needs.

The second step is how well your body digests those foods. If you eat a poor diet your digestive system won’t work as effectively which can lead to constipation, tiredness and bloatedness.

Step three is being able to absorb the nutrients for your food. If your body doesn’t do this effectively then you will lack in energy and feel lethargic.

It’s the enzymes (catalysts that speed up chemical reactions) that help with the absorption of nutrients.

Step four is the elimination of waste from your body. If food is going in but you don’t have regular movement of waste out then your body will have consequences. Fiber and probiotics (healthy bacteria) will aid the efficient function of eliminating waste. A poor diet will decrease the amount of healthy bacteria in your digestive system which reduces how well it functions.

Knowing more about nutrition can help you understand your body and lose weight easier. The key is to make sure that you perform all 4 steps in the nutrition properly. This will lead to more energy, improved physical and mental health and weight loss.

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