Severe Acne Treatment – 3 Severe Acne Treatment Myths Debunked

Severe Acne Treatment – 3 Severe Acne Treatment Myths Debunked

When it comes to severe acne treatment, most people everywhere are making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s not really your fault though. The same bad information has been circulated over and over again. It’s happened so much that people, even doctors, accept it as truth without really investigating the claims.

The most prevalent mistake when it comes to severe acne treatment is that acne is not linked to your diet at all. Despite claims to the contrary, there have never been thorough studies conducted in America. The last study was conducted in 1971 and lasted a whole 7 days and consisted of feeding patients 6 servings a day of various items, from chocolate to coffee. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that breakouts take more than week to surface.

Another compelling factor for the link between diet and acne is multiple studies have been conducted on several non-westernized cultures such as the Kitavans, Ache and Inuits.

In each instance, not a single case of acne was ever found amongst them. When the Inuits began consuming a western diet, however, they had multiple cases of acne as well as other health problems such as diabetes.

Another severe acne treatment myth is that acne is caused bacteria on your face. In and of itself, this is not a myth. The P. acne bacteria on your face feeds on the excess oil produced by your skin and begins multiplying out of control. What is so misleading about this is the P. acne bacteria exists on every single persons face. Furthermore, no one ever asks what causes our skin to produce to much oil in the first place. When we try to treat our acne by destroying the bacteria, we are merely attempting to treat a symptom and are ignoring the true problems.

The final severe acne treatment myth that still irks me the most is that the most common advice people give to acne sufferers is to wash their face.

Acne hasn’t a single thing to do with dirt on the skin and no amount of washing will do a single thing for your acne problems. In fact, to much washing will even cause you to break out even more because it will irritate the skin and cause it to produce to much oil, perpetuating the cycle all over again.

A severe acne treatment lies in treating the root cause. The root cause lies inside of our bodies; we are producing to many hormones due to a combination of factors that include both diet and a bit of genetics. The only severe acne treatment that will work is one that cures from the inside and deals with the real problems.

When you finally accept that typical severe acne treatment methods only try to deal with your acne symptoms instead of your real acne problems, you can finally progress into finding a real and lasting cure.

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