Natural Diet To Prevent Acne

Natural Diet To Prevent Acne
Skin covers the outermost body, which indicates our health. From the condition of skin, one can easily say about the persons health irrespective of whether the skin is dry, oily or normal. The skin depends on the persons diet. Thus, diet plays an important factor in the skin texture of the person. Proper diet is the best solution to prevent acne. Below are a few tips on the proper diet of a person, which will help to give a clear and radiant skin.

Drink water and hydrate: Every cell in the human body needs water including skin to function properly. Drinking the right amount of water helps the body to clean the harmful toxins, which can cause diseases. If one is feeling thirsty, then instead of having a bottle of coke or soda, one can have water. A normal person can try to drink upto 3 liters of water.

Include green vegetables: Green vegetables are a good source of antioxidants that protect the skin from pollution, UV rays, and smoke that harms the skin. They also protect the skin from premature wrinkles, skin cancer and many other skin problems. Vitamin A is a popular ingredient used in cosmetic products such as anti acne gels and creams. One has to eat spinach, fenugreek leaves and peas, which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Consume less sugar and carbohydrates: If one eats more of fried food and sweet items, then the chances of an acne erupting increases. More consumption of such food will raise the level of insulin in the blood and thus, increasing the acne. So, eat boiled food and food, which has less oil.

Eat fruits: Acne Diet fruits like strawberry and blueberries, which are skin friendly and rich in antioxidants, improve the skin tone and reduce acne. One can also eat fruits like orange, kiwi and grapes, which are beneficial for the health. Eating papaya and mangoes that are a good source of vitamin A are beneficial for the skin and helps prevent acne.

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