Natural Acne Cure – Treating Cystic Acne

Natural Acne Cure – Treating Cystic Acne

Finding help for acne can be difficult, but treating cystic acne is a whole different ballpark. This form of acne is very resistant to most typical adult acne treatments and often times lead to scars. Acne sufferer can also have feelings of low esteem and shame.

While some herbal acne products might be helpful for treating blackheads and whiteheads, there is no simple cure or help for treating cystic acne. Unfortunately, many people seek professional help and antibiotics for acne treatment.

Causes of Cystic Acne

In order to combat cystic acne it helps to understand what is happening. Where whiteheads come to the surface of the skin, the pustule of cystic acne hides underneath the skins outer layers. Typically cystic acne happens when glands overproduce oil until the gland bursts.

Once the pores are blocked, irritated and scars have formed, it’s too late for superficial acne remover products – as these cannot help.

Many people resort to antibiotics for acne or other prescription medication.

The first step for severe acne treatment is to keep your hands away from your face. As tempting as it seems, do not try to push or squeeze whiteheads, this will only damage the skin and leave scars and red marks. A good natural cure for acne prevention is to use a specially formulated pH balanced facial cleanser. Proper pH balance is essential for preventing bacteria overgrowth and skin healing.

Some homemade acne treatments recommend taking both Zinc and Vitamin B5 as natural remedies. These fight an overabundance of oil. No amount of personal hygiene alone can prevent cystic acne. Even the vitamins may not prevent eruptions if you have genetic predispositions or hormonal issues.

With over 25 years experience researching health and skin problems, the editors of Wrinkle Free Skin Tips have spent months evaluating the best acne product for treating cystic acne. They found 3 simple steps you can take to address the symptoms and adult acne cysts.

As mentioned earlier the first step is to clean the skin with gentle pH balanced cleanser. It’s important not to use harsh cleanser that over the dry and cause more oil production. In addition, the needs a proper pH balance to keep bacteria growth under control.

The second step is to eliminate and reduce bacteria growth with a soothing and healing anti-bacterial gel. Step three is to use a specially formulated herbal acne treatment to stop acne from the inside out.

A good herbal acne treatment should include a supplement that contains specially formulated Chinese herbs such as Yellow Dock, Gardenia, Red Peony Root, Burdock, and Dandelion. These herbs attack acne from 3 different sources by cleaning the endocrine system, regulating hormones, and relaxing the nervous system. These herbs are very effective as a severe acne treatment.

Following these 3 simple steps for treating cystic acne, especially the third step is essential for good results when using natural remedies for acne.

As a health advisor for over 25 years, Linda Robison has been offering help and advice on skin aging, and nutrition. View videos on face massage and exercises, facial acupuncture, non-surgical face lift procedures and get Help For Acne skin rashes, eczema, and more by visiting Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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