Acne Treatment – Tips For Acne Free Skin

Acne Treatment – Tips For Acne Free Skin

To be sure, we humans experience many skin disorders. But perhaps the most frustrating and common type is acne. The occurrence of acne usually begins in adolescence. Of course these years of young adulthood bring a sense of self consciousness as to one’s appearance. For this reason, the youths who suffer this malady may have issues with their self esteem because of the high visibility of acne spots. This can cause some anxiety to the teenager especially if it brings ridicule from others. Happily, there are many great ways to treat this skin disorder. Here are a couple of the various types of acne and the treatment options available:

1. Mild Juvenile Acne

This type, often referred to as acne spots, can usually be corrected using non-prescription medicine which can be readily obtained at your pharmacy. This type is fairly easy to treat. In selecting the appropriate medicine for your acne, your physician will take into account your skin type.

To illustrate, if your skin type is oily, your doctor may suggest alcohol based solutions as these will help to dry out your skin. On the other hand, he will probably avoid oily treatments like creams and lotions for you.

2. Severe Acne

With some acne sufferers the disorder may become more severe with increasing age. Things are even more challenging when you have oily skin. In such cases more in-depth treatment methods are often needed. But how can you tell when more advanced interventions are called for? If you notice a especially conspicuous redness in the area of the sores and an over abundance of whiteheads this may be a sign. And without a doubt when acne has spread to cover larger areas such as the back or face, you can be sure that severe acne is indicated. It is common to use oral antibiotics in these circumstances. The mechanism here is for the antibiotics to impede the growth of bacteria which cause the acne. Also inflammation is suppressed and so the severity is lessened.

It is probably clear to you by now that acne treatment is to some degree, trial and error. Therefore just as researchers investigate a great variety of medicines before bringing them to market, so your doctor may have to try out several possible treatments before settling on the one that’s best for you.

There are many other effective acne treatment strategies for a clear acne free skin and as research continues, several holistic and man-made products are being used and combined to provide relief from this skin disorder.

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