Acne Prevention Diet

Acne Prevention Diet

While it is pretty much well established that food does not directly cause acne there are several problems with not taking food into the equation when undertaking an acne treatment.

First, the body is a whole. It is not a series of isolated functions and processes. Foods have specific qualities and produce specific impacts on the body. Certain foods will be easier for the body to assimilate and cause less stress on the organism. Some foods will assist the body’s own innate healing processes while others will put too much of a burden on the elimination of toxins. If the body has a hard time to process what you feed it, then there will be leftover toxins and undesirable substances prone to contribute to an existing acne problem.

The bottom line is, if you have acne and want to get rid of it, you cannot eat just anything and everything. How can the skin be healthy if the body is not? There are certain general guidelines about which food are susceptible to aggravate or alleviate acne but it is ultimately a personal relationship between you and food.

Obviously, we do not all react in the same manner to the same foods.

It is best to generally avoid fat and greasy foods. If you have acne, there is probably too much oil in your system to begin with. These kinds of foods include much of the fast food regime and dairy products. If you don’t think you can give up cheese, at least try to reduce it. Only use good oils such as olive and flax oil and heat them up as little as possible.

Excess sugar, especially refined sugar, can make acne worse (not to mention that it is responsible for a whole slew of poor health conditions) – yes, get rid of those soda pops and popular commercial chocolates.

It is also recommended that you keep an eye on the ph balance of the food you take. Too much food that metabolizes as acid can weaken your body and make it an ideal terrain for bacteria to flourish. The average North American diet is incredibly acid and in dire need of alkaline foods such as green leafy vegetables, lemons, cucumbers, broccoli, peas, watermelon, avocado, grapefruit and many more.

It does not mean that you cannot eat any of those foods – it is all about balance. If you begin to stress about which food to eat then you are undermining your purpose.

More information about acne is available at Easy Home Remedies For Acne.

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