Acne Prevention – 6 Things You Must Do

Acne Prevention – 6 Things You Must Do

There is some debate about whether or not you can actively prevent acne. Some people argue that acne is a part of nature or pot luck, some people will get it and some people won’t – Is acne prevention a waste of time?. Taking good care of your skin can go a long way to preventing acne or at least reducing acne. So what do you need to do to assist your body in acne prevention? There are 6 vital steps you need to take in order to prevent acne …

1. Be Clean
Of course cleaning your skin should be an obvious part of your daily personal hygiene routine but don’t overdo it. Many people who suffer from acne mistakenly believe that they need to wash the skin as much as possible. Twice a day is an adequate number, anymore than this and you would actually harm the skin, decreasing the chances of preventing acne and increasing the chances of producing the P.

Acne bacteria.

2. Dress Smart
One overlooked aspect of acne prevention is how your choice of clothing can affect the spread of bacteria on your skin, don’t wear clothing that will rub on acne prone areas, for the same reason avoid hats, scarves and bandannas.

3. Be Sun smart
Everyone knows what damage from the sun can do to our skin, if the skin is sun damaged this increases the chances that pores will be blocked and bacteria has a better chance of growing. To help prevent acne, always wear sunscreen when out in the sun and re-apply every 3 hours.

4. Watch Your Diet
Even though scientific links between food and acne are uncommon, learn to monitor the reaction your skin has to the foods you eat. If you have an acne outbreak, could that be linked to something you ate? Everyone reacts differently to different foods, monitoring your diet can have a big influence on acne prevention.


Brush Your Hair
Using your hair to hide your acne covered face may actually increase your acne. Hair which has contact with your face can spread the P. Acne bacteria, make sure your hair is clean and try to avoid hair to face contact.

6. Make Smart Choices
One often overlooked tip to prevent acne is that when purchasing products that you will put on your skin, make-up, sunscreen or moisturizers, choose products which have “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” on the label. These products will help keep your pores clear and clear pores are vital to preventing acne.

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