Acne – What Diet Should I Take to Prevent Acne?

Acne – What Diet Should I Take to Prevent Acne?

Acne outbreak is quite normal during puberty. Hormonal secretions and other changes in the body are at their peak during teen age. Hormonal imbalances cause overproduction of sebum which is the root cause of acne outbreak. We can prevent outbreak of pimples and whiteheads by taking right kind of diets and applying some topical creams.

Pimples, blackheads or whiteheads are very embarrassing to live with. Proper treatment is necessary when pimples tend to recur frequently. However there are ways to prevent acne very effectively if we make it a point to eat right kind of food. Following tips are very easy yet effective ways to prevent zits outbreak.

Eat vitamin A rich diet in enough quantities. Yellow fruits and vegetable are the rich sources of Vitamin A. Fish oils; liver and dairy products must be eaten regularly. Pregnant women should take vitamin A rich food in limited quantities.
Eat a lot of green and leafy vegetables. Green food helps in keeping our system toxin free which is very important of blemish free skin.
Drinks enough water and other liquids to keep the digestion system in order. A poor digestion is often a cause of hormonal imbalance.
Try to avoid oily foods as much as possible.

Acne prevention is not limited to proper diets. It also includes proper care of your skin by cleansing and moisturizing regularly. Keeping the skin free of dirt and wearing a sunscreen whenever you go out in sun are also very effective in preventing outbreak of pimples.

There are times when eating proper food and taking home remedies fail to prevent Acne. In such situations, you must rely on natural anti acne treatment. Herbal formulas are much better than OTC drugs. One of the best herbal Acne Treatments is available for free trial offer. This is not just an acne cure but a complete skin care management system. Order your trial offer now.

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Alternative Acne Treatments That Work – Tips on Preventing Acne

Alternative Acne Treatments That Work – Tips on Preventing Acne

There are alternative acne treatments that work. Most people treat their acne in one of two ways: they either ignore it and just pop pimples as they come, or they seek treatment in the form of medications and lotions. But both of those techniques can cause additional problems.

The ignore it and pop it technique has the obvious problem is that it, in fact, doesn’t do a darn thing to treat the underlying problem. Indeed, the very act of popping the zit can causing additional infect and scarring.

Treating it with medication does work on the underlying problem. The problem here, of course, is that all medications have side effects. If you use a medication to reduce the amount of oil on your skin, then you run the risk of drying out the skin. Use antibiotics and you may suffer even more side effects.

So it’s not at all surprising that people are out there looking for ways to treat their acne.

Alternative treatments abound, but like any kind of alternative medical treatment, there is a tremendous amount of snake oil you need to wade through to find the ones that actually work. Fortunately, this article will help you sort through which is which.

Zinc is one of the more promising treatments for acne, oddly enough, since the only reason most people take any, aside from their daily multi vitamin, is when they have a cold, since supplementing with zinc is recommended as a cold remedy.

But zinc can also be used to treat acne because it has a beneficial affect on the human immune system, which is why it is recommended for colds. It’s been shown to work, but it’s not as effective as antibiotics. Still, for mild acne, this can be a cheap and effective alternative treatment.

Cleanses are another method for treating pimples and zits and acne in general.

I’m not talking about a skin treatment here, but an actual diet cleanse. This consists of giving your system a rest by consuming only a small amount of foods and calories for a fairly short time.

This will cause your body to perform more efficiently and boost your immune system, both of which will cause your acne to improve. This is going to be effective for any severity of acne, but not all people will respond equally.

Natural masks are a method that lots of people really like, and should be an essential part of any alternate treatment plan for acne. Honey masks are an effective treatment; because pure honey contains natural antibiotics that will help- clear your skin up. Aloe Vera masks are an effective treatment for skin that is sore and inflamed.

Probably the best way to get your acne under control without resorting to medication is to work on your diet. There are not really any acne fighting foods, as such, but avoiding sugar and refined carbs and trying to fill your diet with as many healthy, unprocessed foods as possible will help fix your health and your acne problems.

There are alternative acne treatments that work, but you have to use your common sense. Look for treatments that seem to make sense and seem to be targeted to your particular acne problem, and you’ll be able to cure your acne the healthy, natural way.

Are you ready to start eliminating your acne?

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Back Acne Treatment – How to Prevent Back Acne From Occurring

Back Acne Treatment – How to Prevent Back Acne From Occurring

An effective back acne treatment is very necessary for those who develop acne not only on their faces, but also on their backs and shoulders and upper breasts. In fact body acne and acne on the shoulders are very common, especially during the adolescent period, though in some cases, adults get it too. In this article I shall concentrate on various kinds of treatments for bacne.

There is a very powerful and effective mixture that can treat the toughest of body acne and acne on the shoulders. You have to mix together mint leaves paste, neem leaves paste, ground cloves, sandalwood paste, turmeric paste, a table spoon of fuller’s earth, a pinch of camphor, besan, plain yoghurt and pure rosewater and apply this paste on the affected area.

Let the paste dry off completely. Then scrub off with ice cold coconut water in rotating movements and pat dry.

You can then apply a pure tea tree gel on the afflicted portions. Before applying this pack, you must cleanse your skin thoroughly with a medicated anti bacterial soap or neem soap. Continue applying this pack on every alternate day for around 3 weeks to a month and your acne will vanish. If the back acne appears once more, again start applying this pack until the acne clears up.

Another very effective way of clearing up the acne outbreak on your back is to visit a reputed salon or spa salon and have an anti acne back treatment done by a professional every month. It is infinitely relaxing and will cure your back acne and prevent their recurrence.

More on back acne treatment

When the acne on the back becomes too stubborn, you may need the help of oral prescription antibiotics like minocycline or tetracycline.

This is a more aggressive treatment to cure back acne since it is more resistant than facial acne. You can use strong retinoids; Retin A creams or gels. You can also try washes like benzoyl with a 10% concentration. If nothing else works, then the last back acne treatment can be Accutane and you can use higher doses of it.

All of the above methods are definitely effective back acne treatment options. However, the problem is they are only “treatments”. The single best treatment for back acne, or any other kind of acne for that matter, is to stop it before it starts.

Can Tomatoes Help Acne? How a Tomato Can Prevent Acne

Can Tomatoes Help Acne? How a Tomato Can Prevent Acne

It’s often surprising to learn how certain foods can affect acne, not in their eating, but as a topical skin agent. In other articles, I’ve discussed green tea and olive oil. Today we’ll go to the other end of the spectrum, and talk about tomatoes.

Tomatoes, which are technically a fruit, are incredibly healthy for you, not just in vitamins for healthy living, but also in nutrients for your skin, such as potassium, magnanese, and calcium. Tomatoes are especially helpful in treating oily skin, which in turn, helps to prevent blackheads and other acne outbreaks. You don’t have to eat the tomatoes to gain the benefit — though you can do that too — you can actually apply them directly to your skin.

You see, the tomato is a natural astringent, which cools the skin and tightens your pores. It has a high content in vitamins A and C, which works to brighten dull skin tone, normalize oily skin, and encourage skin regeneration.

Here are a couple of types of methods you can use to have a simple tomato prevent acne:

Tomato Acne recipe one: The tomato facial. This is exactly as it sounds. Cut a tomato in slices, and rub or press onto your face, allowing the tomato juice to sit on your face for 5-10 minutes. After, wash your entire face with cool water and a clean cloth.

Tomato Acne recipe two: The tomato mask. Cut the tomato in half, and using a melon scooper, or even just a spoon, scoop the flesh of the tomato out. Apply the pulp to your face, allowing it to soak in for 5-10 minutes. Wash again with water and a clean cloth. If you’d like to make a mixture, you can add honey, which will moisturize your face at the same time.

Tomato Acne recipe three: Another tomato mixture.

Since we’re talking mixtures, adding avocado to the mix is also a good idea. Avocado is good for reducing oil, and softening your skin. Take a small tomato and a small avocado, mash them together, and mix well. Apply the mixture to your face, and let sit for 20 minutes. Follow this with a cleansing wash of warm water and a cool cloth.

There are lots of ways you can use natural products to help your acne, some of them not what you’d expect. Check the next page to see some Acne control methods that work surprisingly well.

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Acne Prevention Tips – How Cosmetics Cause Acne Breakouts and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

Acne Prevention Tips – How Cosmetics Cause Acne Breakouts and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

You are always mortified because of your face that looks like a dotted hide of a cheetah, with freckles and pimples spread all over ?You never had a chance to run your fingertips over your smooth glossy skin without feeling the bumps of pimples sitting there, making it look darker than a brown rotten peach? In such a case, you cannot be too easy going on your pimples, and you simply cannot ignore them, thinking that they will go away in their due time.

Have you ever wondered why your skin ever had those pimples in the first place? Is it just dirt and germs growing on your lovely skin, or is it something else? Recent research has been able to identify the use of make-up as one of the causes of acne. So even if you never had acne, do not rest easy. If you use make-up before leaving the house, you actually enhance the chance of the development of acne.

This is the sole reason why make-up is also called “Acne Catch 22”, since it is responsible for the growth of pimples which leave behind those indelible marks on an otherwise flawless skin.

• Cosmetics contain a certain “cosmedogenic” element that is responsible for the growth of acne; however, the effects of the use of cosmetics are never that immediate. The entire process is rather subtle, taking about more than six months to show. This is why you never know that this problem is creeping up on you, until finally it reveals itself, and by then it will be too late for caution.

• Moreover, if you thought that you could do away with the blemishes and hideous spots on your face by applying more make-up on them and concealing them, it is time for you to reconsider that particular decision again. If you keep on applying more cosmetics to hide the acne marks, you will push yourself deeper into the trouble well.

The acne will not stay concealed, but it will spread. The cosmetics will only aggravate the situation even more.

• Though the cosmetic industries keep on assuring innocent customers like you that their products are completely oil free, you should realize that it is often not true. These products use only chemicals that are easily available from synthetic resources and not the natural ones. This is actually not good for you skin, and can definitely cause acne.

• The products might be branded as “hypo-allergenic”, but though they may be perfume-free, there is always a high probability that the items musts be containing some harmful elements that are not good for your skin at all. Even when these products have those words “dermatologist tested”, you might never know for sure whether it is all real or a mere publicity stunt and advertisements. These make-up kits might have checked for skin irritation, but the results could have been tampered with or overlooked.

• Your skin is very precious, and it is advisable that when you are using product for the first time, it is necessary that you keep a lookout for any trouble. The moment you discover those pink lumps on your cheeks, forehead or chin, it is time to let it off the hook and throw the cosmetic away.

• When you wear make-up in the day, some of it is rubbed deeper into the follicles of your skin, and plugs in the facial pores. This causes follicular irritation, which inevitable leads to acne.

You should take care of your skin, and in return it will definitely take care of your looks. You would not want to give your boyfriend the scare of his life yet, would you? After all, Halloween is still far away!

For years I was an acne sufferer but I was fortunate because I found a solution that cleared my face up and eliminated all of my acne. You can have acne free skin now using the same solution!

Using acne free skin solutions your zits will disappear and your acne scars will start to clear up. Visit to learn how to eliminate your pimples today!

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Do You Know How to Prevent Acne? Here’s a Common Sense Acne Prevention Guide

Do You Know How to Prevent Acne? Here’s a Common Sense Acne Prevention Guide

The problem of acne and the inevitable search for how to prevent acne are both issues that are discussed from a common sense prospective in this article. So if you are someone who suffers from outbreaks of acne and want to adopt a few simple measures to help prevent future acne flair ups, here are some methods that will help you prevent acne and finally be on the road to having smooth and gorgeous skin.

Acne is caused when the glands secrete excess oil and this oil mixes with dirt, grit and dead skin cells, thus blocking the pores of the skin. It follows then that people with oily skin tend to be prone to violent outbreaks of acne. A first step in acne prevention would be to check the kind of face wash and lotions that you are using. Make sure that they are meant for oily skin. Make up should also be water based and not oil based.

This is because make up generally contains oil derived from fatty acids that are more powerful than the fatty acids of your system.

Thoroughly wash off all the make up before you retire for the evening. If possible, wear very light make up. This will allow your pores to breath. It is important to remove the make up at the end of the day; otherwise the oil component of these products can adversely affect your skin.

Clean your face regularly with a toner in order to keep your face dirt free. To prevent acne you must prevent the accumulation of dirt on your face. Understand, dirt itself is not the cause of acne, but its cumulative effect, combined with the other elements, contribute to acne outbreaks.

In the event you are someone with typically dry skin, yet still prone to acne breakouts, then you should use a form of lotion that contains a very low percentage of oil.

Acne is also formed from blackheads and if you are prone to having blackheads then make every effort to get rid of them.

The course of action with blackheads is to nip them in the bud and not let them develop. It is advisable that you do not pinch or pick the blackheads once they have formed. They will shrink on their own and if you poke too much you will simply aggravate the infection. Try to limit your exposure to direct sunlight. The old adage of too much of a good thing applies here and the sun can contribute to acne formation.

So there you have it. These are simple steps on how to prevent acne and keep your skin looking beautiful. But we’ve just scratched the surface.

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